Yingniao Womens Faux Leather Five Finger Half Palm Driving Party Gloves Mittens Black


Price: $8.99

Material:PU leather

Color: Black/White/Red/Silver/Leopard

Hand circumference:

1.D.King gloves is made from PU leather. PU Leather so soft you can easily close your fingers, grip things and drive.

2.Dressing up or down, go for a walk or drive in a day you need, what are you to keep your hands and fingers warm.High-quality faux leather,softness of touch,suppleness,great strength and lasting comfort.
Classic minimalist luxury wrist contour cutout design for maximum hand and wrist function such as playing guitar,rock and stage performance.
It is a great choice for you when you go to shows or evening party.
This glove is perfect for Halloween costumes,dancing,Hip Hop,performance, Pole Dancing,cosplay,party,concert,motorcycle bike car driving, ect.
One size fit most pople (Hand circumference:17-19cm)


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