Techfeed Women’s Nippleless Cover Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers, 3 Piece


Price: $20.99

Throw away the corselet,ditching the sultry bra,put away the invisible straps and tube.Slightly reveal your full chest,your charming clavicle and shoulders. Tonight,you are elegant princess and lady,you can also be charming and sexy,as long as you believe in yourself,it – silicone nipple covers,will make you more confident and beautiful so,how to use pasties better: 1.Before use,wash your hands and chest with water,keep it clean,do not apply lotion and concealer 2.Remove the protective film of the nipple cover,adhesive face up,put in the hands 3.Upper body forward,paste the nipples covers on the nipple,smooth the edge 4.Wear clothes,show your chest perfectly and curves cleaning note: 1.Use neutral soapy water,with your fingers to circle the way to clean,to avoid finger scratches silicone nipple concealers 2.Wash with cleaning water again 3.After cleaning,hang dry,avoid direct sunlight 4.After drying with a thin film to cover,avoid dust,affect the sticky sticky sticky detail: 2 pairs round nippleless cover 1 pair flower breast petals pastie 1 pieces macaron storage case tips:Don’t use it in the case of eczema swelling or wound,also do not use towel wipes and paper towels to wipe silicon nipple cover.Safe adhesive nippleless cover:Made from medical grade (hypo-allergenic ) silicone,so they can be worn comfortably even on the most sensitive skin.Perfect diameter for a more secure coverage.Self adhesive pasties,unless you tear it off,there is no need to worry about it will fall,affect your beautiful mood
Reusable and washable women pasties:These silicone pasties are resuable and waterproof.They can be reused for many times.After use,only need to use mild neutral soapy water to clean,and air dry.Once dry.Self-adhesive properties are restored.Unlike the disposable nipple paste that you need to buy a lot,and there is no extra space to properly place them,then your room becomes very messy,don’t you feel so annoyed?
Perfect fit not exposed traces:According to the female nipple exclusive design,from the middle to the surrounding gradually thinning,close fit breast,forming a smooth natural “skin”,no sweat and no embarrassing contours,as your contact lens.So you can control all types of clothes easily,such as backless,strapless,perspective,low-cut, evening dress,swimwear,sportswear and so on
Comfort-free design:Breast petals mix with your skin,even a sensitive nipple can not capture the existence of it,has become a part of your body,like your skin as tender and compact,without the oppression of bra,naturally release your chest,you can still more secure to keep your confident and charming body
You can take it anywhere:We offer 3 pairs nipple covers,and 1 portable storage box,you can put in bag and accompany you to many places,like party,gym,travel.If you decide not to love it anymore,please contact us and we are willing to listen to your voice


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