Superdental 7-inch Touch Electronic Display LED Teeth Whitening System Unit Bleaching Light Lamp MD887B


Price: $630.49

In the case of not working, the machine will go to sleep automatically after 60 seconds.
Enclosed disposable sheath, prevent cross-infection, clean and convenient, let patient feel relieved.
Broad Spectrum: 430nm~490nm (Blue Light)& 620nm~640nm(Red Light) 380nm~400nm(Purple Light)
Voltage : AC: 100V~240V
Light source : 4~5W/pc(Purple Light);2~3W/pc(Red Light); 1W/pc(Purple Light).
Gross Weight: 4.9kgs.
Total Arm Length: 75cm
Total Height : 120cm
Net weight: 10kg
Total Weight Packing: 12kg
Box Size: 680460230mm
Package With
1 x Main Unit MD887B
1 x Power Cord1
21 x Goggle
20 x Sheath
1 x Mouth Retractor
1 x User manualHigh efficiency wall conjoined sliding structural design, adjust angle freely and convenient to use.
Four light source output selection: blue, red, blue + red, blue + purple.
Three-stage power output selection, users can select a different power according to the patient’s condition.
The user can select needed time according to desired treatment, time adjustment range from1 to 30 minutes..
Work time counting function, comes with electronic lock, work time could clear by that lock for user .


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