Makeup Brush Cleaner Professional Electric Rechargeable USB, Cleans and Dries in Seconds with 2 Adjustable Speeds. Fits 97% Cosmetic Makeup Brushes, 360 Rotation with 8 Rubber Holders…


Price: $32.99

1. Press the button firmly to turn on or off.
2. The brush spinner has lights.
3. One is for the lower speed, one is for the higher speed, and the other means you need to recharge.
4. When the brush spinner is turned on, if automatically starts at the slower speed. Press lightly to adjust speeds, both higher and lower. Remember that if you hold the button too long it will turn off.
5. When you are charging, the charging lamp will be flashing. The light will stop flashing when it’s charged.
6. The recharging light will keep flashing when you need to recharge it.
7. 2 hours of charging gives you 40 minutes of continuous use.

1. Fill about 30ml water and add a few drops of Makeup Brush Cleansing Soap & Gel into the bowl.
2. Find the suitable brush holder and insert the brush into the spinner.
3. Dip the brush in the liquid for 5 seconds, turn on the spinner, put the brush in the liquid, spin for 10-30 seconds and dispose of water.
4. Fill bowl again with fresh water and clean again.
5. To dry, spin the brush for 10-20 seconds.

1 x Brush Spinner
1 x Attachment spindle
1 x Brush cleaning Bowl.
1 x Silicon Brush Holder Stand and 8 x Silicon Brush Holders (different sizes)
1 x User Manual
1 x Charging Cable.Material of handle: New type environmental ABS material decorating with laser plating make it luxury.
Li-Battery: MSDS authorized battery. Long life. In charge 1 hour and can last 1 week. USB charger: Global using USB wire make it more portable
Led indicator: Long life qualified LED indicator which can last 5 years.
Button: Qualified material can bear press over 100000+ times. PCB: Import high quality PCB
Spindle: Environmental ABS material and light stainless steel. Bowl: Upgrade ABS material. Fashion and broken-resistant.


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