Hometom Facial Serums, Silk Protein Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Skin Care Moisturizing Anti Wrinkle collagen (Clear)


Price: $10.00 - $4.99


Step 1:After cleaning the skin, and dry skin surface moisture

Step 2:Unscrew the lid, gently push the needle will push the right amount of product in the palm

Step 3:Gently massage until absorbed

Step 4:After using the skin tender, feel comfortable

Package contents:

1 x silk protein hyaluronic acid essence concentrate 10ml🌹Net weight:10 ml
🌹Add moisture to nourish the skin, smooth evenly moist and transparent to show beautiful skin
🌹Hydrating , activating nourishing , moisturizing , repairing , shrink pores , oil-control, anti aging , anti wrinkle ,whitening
🌹When you donnot use it,just keep the small cover on the dripper.Please noted this product is for external use,never try it for injection.


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