Generic 2017 spring models of child sportswear suit sweater baby boy printed two-piece children’s spring hooded



Size skirt 80 yards (recommended height 80cm) 0 90 code (recommended height 90cm) 100 yards (recommended height 100cm) 110 code (recommended height 110cm) 120 code (recommended height 120cm) ? sizes are kind of doing, by the measurement time have different 1-2cm error, data for reference only, in order to receive the real.. ellensnow official brand outlets. Big brands, better quality assurance. Activity 1: audience and attention to any Yiyi shop Become a fan to send a small gift. Activity 2: shopping satisfaction marked with 5 star + sun on Mei Mei red envelopes a picture of consumers. .NOTE_NOTE: after paying, send us message about the *color / size* you want, otherwise it will send a_random_color. This is a fascinating style, you can not find this design anywhere else———- Select size: 80 yards (height 80cm recommended), 90 yards (height 90cm recommended), 100 yards (height 100cm recommended), 110 yards (height 110cm recommended), 120 yards (recommended height 120cm),
Pattern: letter / text / figures. Applicable Height: 110,100,115,105,80,95,120. Combination: long-sleeved pants +. Style: joker
Brand: EllenSnow. Thickness: General. Color: Printed Hat Set (Gray), printing Hat Set (dark cabo its color)
Elements: Suede. For ages: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-3 years, 3-6 years old, over 6 years.
To apply a gender: Neutral. Fabric: Blended. Clothing placket: Hedging. Size: 110 yards (recommended height 110cm), 90 yards (recommended height 90cm), 120 yards (height 120cm recommended), 80 yards (recommended height 80cm), 100 yards (recommended height 100cm)


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