Gatineau Cleanser 2.5 Oz Clear & Perfect Tonimasque (For Oily/Combination Skin) For Women


Price: $37.21

A natural clay-based purifying mask With a rich, mild & creamy texture Formulated with kaolin & bentonite to absorb impurities & excess sebum Infused with a delicate rose tint & a mentholated orange blossom scent Restores a clear, smooth, matte & poreless complexion Ideal for combination & oily skin To use: Apply a thick layer to face & neck. Leave on for 10 minutes & rinse well. Use 1 – 2 times a week depending on your skinPersonal Care – Gatineau – Clear & Perfect Tonimas
Health / Beauty, Personal Care
Prod by : Gatineau
Product ID : 14315873001
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