Facial Moisturizers Clear Complexion BB Cream, Medium, 2.5 Fluid Ounce (Nature skin)


Price: $8.98

Composition: Water, ring five polydimethylsiloxane, glycerin, butanediol
Whales wax base peg/ppg -10/1 polydimethylsiloxane
Quaternary ammonium salt – 18 bentonite
Palmitic acid isopropyl ester, bitterness/decanoic acid
Triglycerides, squalance, Jojoba(Simmondsia Chinensis), Seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin E)
Sodium Hyaluronate, imidazole al Urea, Purslane Extract, Green Tea Extrsct, Hydroxy Benzene Methyl and Hydroxyl Styrene Acrylic Ester, Essence, May contain1. 35ml/ 1.2OZ,
2. Natural block defect light break
3.Natural plant ingredients improve color of skin moisturize moisturizing effect can effectively cover flaws gentle no stimulation
4. Make up every easy, and last longer than normal. Warm o skin
5. Good quality with good packing as picture showing


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