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Features :

  • CRD-2 ingredient protects the elasticity and moisture of the skin by protecting the irritated skin from exposure to harmful environment.
  • The CRD-2 ingredient is a new component of CHARMZONE that has been developed to absorb nutrients in red foods such as red wine, tomatoes, and a mulberrys with MDS technology to better absorb the skin.
  • MDS (Multi-Walled Delivery System: A method to wrap nano-sized nutrients in multiple capsules and to transmit nutrients to the skin.
  • Features of MDS: Increased stability of active ingredients, encapsulation of large amounts of active ingredients simultaneously with oil and water components, new stabilization nanotechnology
  • Supercritical Extraction: It is a state-of-the-art extraction method capable of extracting a highly sterilized high-potency raw material free from residual denaturation of harmful solvents and active ingredients.

Package included
Skin Toner * 1

Smooth skin by smoothening skin texture and providing nutrition (For all skin types)
Refreshes skin with astringent effect: The astrindil component helps maintain skin balance after cleansing and makes pores tight, presenting with sommther skin texture.
Moist skin with moisturizing components: The vegetable moisturizing components such as elm tree root extract maintain skin moist after cleansing.
Refreshes exhausted skin with CRD-2: CRD-2 containing red food nutrition protects and refeshes exhausted skin.
Healthy skin with vegetable components: The vegetable components including bamboo leaf and rooibos make skin healthy.


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