Baomabao Hydrating Nutritive Lip Gloss Balms Clear Gel State Oil Wet Makeup Lipstick


Price: $1.26

Package Content:

1PC Oil Wet Makeup Lipstick
IT WILL BE ARRIVED BEFORE CHRISTMAS.Efficacy: lasting moisture, mild replenishment, shiny nourish.
Use effect: dry peeling before use deep; use lips moisturizing luster, you can like with the lip gloss or lipstick.
How to use: 1. You can then lip gloss before the first lip balm, has protected the lips. 2. If you need a clear lip, you can first outline the lip line 3. Apply a lip lip with a lip brush to increase the brightness in the middle of the lip.
Shelf life: three years
Increase your lip natural collagen production


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