Aphrodite New LED Laser Teeth Whitening Light Dentist Bleaching Cool Lamp System Beauty Salon XNER1601


Price: $469.99

Technical Parameters
Height: 1420mm
Arm length: 950mm (at most)
Feet wide: 700mm
Weight: 20kg
Input power: AC110V/240V,50/60Hz
Power: 30W
Wavelength: 460-490mm
Whitening time: Each time 10-15 minutes, each treatment 2-3 times8 powerful LED bulbs and long light
The specific wavelength accelerates the oxidization process and will quickly achieve white teeth in less than 1 hour.
The LED head unit has a unique design, the light source has wide range and the light comes in at a perfect angle and radiates fully and uniformly.
The distance between the LED head unit and cheek retractor will make sure the the LED head unit keeps clean, prevents cross infection, and meet high hygiene standards.


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