A Lesson Well Learned?


A Lesson Well Learned?

Role-play scene included.

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Chartruse Skytower clears her throat and pulls a key from her pocket and makes her way up the ladder she’d then reach up to lock the hatch from the inside and make her way back down, tucking the key back in her pocket… Saki’s sobs, the boys cuddling, there was something very wrong with this picture, nonchalantly the wolf made her way towards the chair, that thrown of mayhem she’d found herself spending quite a bit of time in, one foot idolly tapping to the furs below her feet.. "Don’t either of you two rush to greet me or anything" she’d snarl "Someone tell me what’s going on here, you boys have one minute to get it out" she’d reach between her breasts and pull forth her phone… Char was in a mood already and this little happening wasn’t going to make it any better.

Tobias Reyes releases his arms from around Tanner’s waist. He’d tug lightly on his tail, motioning him toward Char before crawling across the rug toward the Matriarch. He’d lean up toward her attempting to place a soft kiss on her right cheek before speaking. "It’s my fault ma’am. Saki’s upset because I acted out." He’d pause for a moment, his gaze shifting toward Saki as a frown formed on his lips. He’d turn his gaze back toward Char, "I’m sorry ma’am. I’ll take whatever punishment you give me." He’d say, his voice soft and low.

Chisaki Nakajima eyed Toby as he ASKED for Punishment. Her steps were slow, pensive almost "Char..I’d like to give the punishment, please." Her eyes sparkle as she would lean in, whispering to Toby, her face neutral, pale even. Blue eyes colder then usual.

Tanner ears droop some, the teen frightened as he follows behind Toby looking up to Char and meekly shifting up to kiss her cheek then coming back down to rest on his knees before glancing over to Saki as she asks to give the punishment.

Chartruse Skytower looked at Saki blandly "Saki, you are supposed to be a strong woman, tell me, what could any of these boys have done to make you cry first and foremost.. secondly, why isn’t he being punished" she’d regard Toby then .. "Tell me, how exactly did you act out?" she’d inquired.. "Do you know your place, who’s the boss, over things here, not your needs, ours boy, ours" she’d glance at saki "Step back" she’d say quite simply … the needle of nip still tucked in her grasp… the kiss from toby and then from tanner sufficing for the greeting for now… a growl hung off of every word, while her foot continued to idolly tap, it was apparent the Matriarch was not a happy person at the moment.

Chisaki Nakajima says flatly "I’m on my rag" and it was true. she’d add "I’d like to punish Toby please." she’d nod to her small box "Lashes…." she remembered getting whipped… the burn, the blood…the crime fit the punishment in her mind.

Tobias Reyes hangs his head as Saki speaks, the thought of lashes quickly popping into his mind. He’d nod, his gaze not moving to Saki but to Char as he speaks. He figured that in Saki’s mind, lashes would be enough of a punishment… but he wanted more. A few whip marks weren’t going to be enough to teach -anyone- a lesson. He’d speak clearly as he addressed the Matriarch. "Ma’am, I acted out by telling her that I do not love her." He’d pause for a moment before continuing. "And Ma’am, I’m afraid that I haven’t learned my place yet… not with Saki. I’m afraid that I favor her." He’d say softly. He’d lower his head quickly, attempting to hide the small smirk that covered her lips. If Saki wanted to deal Toby his punishment… he would make sure that it hurt her too.

Chartruse Skytower snarls "I said step back, the rag, the drugs.. what’s next the fact that your gay was laying with another pet, and you came down and caught it and couldn’t conjure up the guts to tell him to come to you now.. who’s the boss saki him or you?" she’d shake her head.. looking down between the two boys.. "And you two, you both know your supposed to cater to those who have the power over you, those that hold the keys to the steel about your neck.." she was fuming, her ears laying back in an aggressive stance on her skull… the snarl affixed to her lips and her palm clutched around that nip needle… whist she looked at her phone, her teeth clenched… "Tell me Saki that your not letting your personal damn feelings come over anything down here, tell me, please" her gaze would flick up on the Neko.. "Tell me that your not letting a fucking pet walk all over you and making yourself and us as a whole look weak in front of the newly collared or anyone for that matter, your on the rag, send Toby for some fucking Midol and change your god damn tampon, " at Toby’s words she’d scoff "Saki your crying over that, and you think thats a punishable offense" where were the advisors when you needed one… "I’m pissed now… and lashes won’t suffice, not on their lonesome… and who gives a damn what he says, these boys are at our whim and this is going to look mighty bad in the public eye if this continues… pull yourself together Saki, quick"

Tanner blinks slightly whimpering softly as his ears droop. He should have stayed away after all… but he hadn’t wanted to upset them… but somehow he had anyway. Not alone but still… he’s been a part of it. He shivered and wrapped his arms around himself. Protect them… that’s what Saki had said.. and Toby and Malek… he didn’t feel protected… he was frightened.

Chisaki Nakajima went wide eyed at Toby’s words…that Conniving little homo shit!! She’d glare at him now, her hands balling into fists…so…he wanted to play the lets both hurt game…Saki was a masochist at Heart. Her eyes close and she’d hiss lowly. Her claws dig into the palms of her hands. She’d listen to Char’s words, her eyes closed as she taps into not only her feral side, but the Brujah part of herself too… Toby wanted Pain…she’d give him all he could take. Her eyes reopen, deep golden hue now, her entire demeanor alters. "Yesss Matriarch…needs to learn his place…" she’d reach into her toy box, putting the items within on display, a large dagger, sharpened to perfection. A silken rope, a whip, a crop and a flechette (metal sickle doodads) her golden yes move to Toby "Kneel…Pet" she’d grab the rope, she’d attempt to bind his limbs to his neck in a very Shibari move "Every movement, squirm, anything you make… will strangle you all the more." Her tone was cold, cruel…un-Saki

Chartruse Skytower cleared her throat and rose from the throne "Tanner my dear, come with me." she’d say very simply and move to the other side of the room, the screams and sounds and yells from the other-side of the room would be enough to learn his place… "You don’t do it right Saki, and this happens again, I’ll lynch you both I swear to god" There was no amusement in her tone… Saki shouldn’t have let Char see her in a weakened state with the pets, in front of the pets… that was for private matters…

Tobias Reyes’ eyes flicker as the slightly familiar look rises up in Saki, the horror inside her rose to the surface and now he was going to have to face it head on… fuck. He’d let out a loud yelp as the sheila reaches for his limbs, his gaze darting toward Tanner and Char as they make their way toward the other side of the room. ‘Well, at leas the bloke won’t have to see all this.’ He’d think to himself as Saki binds him up. He’d struggle, just slightly to see exactly what she meant. When the ropes pulled on his throat, he’d cough loudly; the binding digging into his flesh and cutting off the flow of air to his lungs. "Troppo bitch." He’d mutter, gagging as the binding’s close up again around his neck; his gaze locked on Saki.

Tanner shivers and lets out a soft whimper, the effects of the alcohol pretty much gone by now as he shifts to his feet, following behind the Matriarch. He gave Toby a saddened look, worried for the other. He had an almost wild frantic look in his eyes part of him actually wishing he’d never even thought to try and help the other.

Chisaki Nakajima loosened the neck bit some "Now ya tested…fer what you earned…" Her eyes deep gold have but a tiny bit of blue left, the little bit of her normal self that had to watch. A whispered "You brought me on you Toby……you wanted pain…I’ll give you all i can…" she’d reach for the flechette, the sharp sickle was used oft in blood play "This……is something I learned from a former life……rending skin…is an art form" she’d whisper. "A woman i despise taught me how to do it……would you like to know… how it feels to be skinned alive Toby……this… is what i suffered in one of my lives…" she’d place the flechette just above his lower back, above the tail, gently pressing the razor sharp blade in, slowly, painfully slowly bringing up it upwards, not too deep…but deep enough to pierce into the epidermis” upper layer, tugging it away from the lower dermas layer "Scream nice for the Matriarch" she’d hiss out..even her voice was wrong.

Chartruse Skytower shook her head mumbling as she walked "That bar will be locked from now on unless one of us is down here to man it , " though it was a whisper of a flurry of words, as she moved she’d look to the boy "Strip." she’d demand and head for the viewing area.

Tobias Reyes’ stares up at Saki as she loosened the neck bit slightly, his gaze locked with hers… when she whispered, a slight smirk would cross his lips. He knew that Saki wasn’t going to go easy on him, he wouldn’t be surprised if the sheila killed him… but he wasn’t going to let her forget it either. Even with the collar around his neck, he was still good old ’cause-a-pain-in-Saki’s-ass’ Toby and he just couldn’t let her have what she wanted… at least not unless it caused her some harm too. He’d stare up at her wide-eyed as she presents the flechette to him. He couldn’t even hear her speak, his mind was going over every scenario she could possibly use the device for. When she crossed over to his back, he’d begin to struggle some more; the bindings around his neck pulling tight again as he tries to pull away. When the blade finally made contact with his back and began to run up the length of his spine, Toby would let out a loud, uncontrollable scream. The sound echoing in the small basement.

Tanner whimpers softly, ears all but flat against his head, not in anger but in fear. He could hear the noises from the other side, Toby’s screaming and Saki’s vicious words. He shivers as he glances over to the Matriarch before slowly slipping off his jacket revealing his strangely designed shirt which covered everything but his chest and neck area. The jacket falls to the ground quivering before the teen shakes his head and collapses to his knees hands going to his ears as he curls up murmuring out, ‚"No more! No more!"

Chisaki Nakajima purred loudly, though it sounded more like a howl, inhuman…unhybrid even. Her darker bits getting a sick pleasure. She’d rend his flesh until a large bit of his back flesh tumbles from him, blood pouring from the wound. She’d move grabbing her whip now, letting the flechette fall to the ground, reaching not only for the whip…but something smaller as well. She’d return "34 lashes…one for every day you broke my fucking heart……pet" She’d whip once, letting the harsh leather slap; his now skinless back, a wet sloshing noise echoing. And as she’d remove the whip from his bloody meaty mass…she’d sprinkle…sea salts upon the wound. she’d repeat this the allotted times…tears streaming from her eyes.

Chartruse Skytower looks over to Tanner "I said" her voice was drown out by the screams of Toby, her own ears laying down on her head "Oh forget what I said, come here boy" she’d say softly, scooting down to the rug… "They brought it on themselves." She didn’t feel great about all the torture that Toby was having to go through, nor the pain that it would cause Saki to do it, but maybe just maybe it would break that vicious cycle that had been going on since day one, Char wasn’t going to allow her or the other sisters to appear weak because of another Sister and especially not because of a Pet.. she’d not told Saki much but to punish him "If he’s not alive at the end of this Saki" she’d say… "Its your ass."

Tobias Reyes gags as he fights against the restraints. He could feel the warm blood flowing down his back as Saki dropped the flechette to the ground… his screams still echoing through the basement. He’d never felt pain like this. He’d never been pushed this far. He’d cringe as Saki presents the whip to him, his eyes filling with tears as she brings the weapon down against his raw back. He’d shout out at her as the whip means his back, profane and sharp words flowing from him mouth almost incoherently. He just wanted it to stop. When she sprinkles the salt into his wound… the old saying about rubbing salt in a wound would pass through Toby’s mind for a moment, one slightly manic moment before the whip cracked back down on his back. Everything around him would go black for a moment, temporarily loosing his sight as the beating continued.

Tanner shivers and sobs as he looks up with frantic eyes as the Matriarch calls him over. He whimpers softly before doing as he’s told, though slow, terrified that she was angry with him for not obeying. Flashes of events his past with his various other masters went through his mind but the sound from over there, the sounds of his screams, it wasn’t like anything he’d experienced from being a pet‚ it sounded more like something the shadows would do‚ just like Peanut‚ all over again. Perhaps even worse.

Chartruse Skytower would attempt to wrap her arms around the boy and pull him close to her, cuddling him to her chest.. "Its not your fault" she’d whisper to him.. "Its not mine either, it had to be done, there’s a line that those two crossed, and I don’t even want to know." The smell of blood wafted through her senses… made her start to salivate, but she’d do her best to press the thoughts out of her mind, that bloodlust of hers was a nasty nasty thing… she’d try to comfort the boy… do her best to make him feel half-way safe in a basement full of Chaos.

Chisaki Nakajima slowly, painfully finished her lesson to Toby. The bloody whip hits the ground with a sloshing flop. The jar of salt falls and shatters on the floor. Saki’s eyes have slowly melted back to sea blue. And her eyes move to the skin on the floor…skin why…and then she’d see it and let out her own little scream. Moving she’d grab the skin and hurriedly take a suture kit, slowly, tenderly she’d murmur as she would stitch the skin back on. "You made me angry…I warned ya time…and time again…don’t git me angry…blah blah blah…did you LEARN something from this!" She;d hiss. Her body soaked in his blood, her heart pounding "I’m a devil…a demon…I’ve always been an……now it’s worse…ya do as i say…er next time…yer liable not ta live through…ya hear!" She’d finish stitching his skin back on…sure..it looked weird…maybe a bit crooked…well…time heals all wounds right? She’d grab the bloody flechette and cut the ropes off of him, arms ready should he fall, she’d catch him, whispering "Sorry"

Tobias Reyes slumps forward as Saki releases him from the bindings. His body appeared limp and unmoving. He could still hear her, still see her through his wide eyes, but he couldn’t move. He couldn’t will himself to even try to get away from her… the image of what had happened just replayed on loop in his mind. He couldn’t even scream anymore. His throat was sore, worn. He’d simply stare up at her, his blank stare locked on her now blue ones. Slowly, his knees would give out and he’d fall completely into Saki’s arms at the base of the Matriarch’s chair. Silent and still, he’d close his eyes; his breathing staggering and harsh… but sustained.

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